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tv   First Look  MSNBC  August 20, 2014 2:00am-2:31am PDT

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>> again, that statement tonight from governor jay nixon from missouri, indicating that he will not ask the county prosecutor to step down and be replaced be a special prosecutor. demanded locally. outcry. the video shows the beheading james foley
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riding in part. we have never been prouder of our son, jim. he gave his life trying to expose the world to the suffering of the syrian people. like jim, they are incident. abc's bryan moore is live in washington, d.c. for us. brian, what's been the response to the video so far. >> from the u.s. government, grim resolve. from the family, sadness. a family that didn't know about his whereabouts until this video was released. islamist militants released this video along with the beheading of james foley. and they threatened to kill another kidnapped american newsman unless the u.s. pulls out. he disappeared in 2012. last year, his mother made an appeal for his return. >> we ask his captors to
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recognize his incidence. have mercy and let him be free. >> the united states won't give in to terrorist demands. >> they want to halt the air strikes. that's not going to happen. >> foley was in world journalism in hot spots, even after being held captive for 45 days in libya during the civil war. in his native new hampshire, shock. >> and he's incidenocent, makes wonder what the world is really, really like. today his family is mourning his loss and expressing pride. he gave his life while trying to show the suffering of the syrian people to the world. the video shows steven sotloff, missing since last summer. >> thank you so much. right now a tense hostage situation. police responded to a home
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burglary, and they exchanged fires. two officers were wounded. they took six children and two adults hostage. four of the children have been released. hostage negotiators still talking to the suspects right now. people are dealing with way too much water in the arizona, 47 inches of rain around phoenix. the deluge triggering scene s like this one. a woman in her my aini van, anor in the home. thousands are without power. on to ferguson, missouri, peaceful protests late last night turned to chaos within a matter of minutes. reporters saying that at about 12:20 local time in the morning, a water bottle was thrown at police, and they reportedly maced several people to get them to disperse. moments ago, or rather, a couple of hours ago, captain ron
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johnson confirmed that bottles were thrown and three handguns were confiscated. police made 47 arrests last night, including an out of the state protester from texas they arrested a third time. they said, rather, the captain also explained why after not wearing protective helmet guards most of the night, that law enforcement changed tactics later. >> see these guns on the table, you have a helmet and the a stick in your hand, walk in a crowd with your helmet out, without having the ability to defend yourself. people are throwing urine. >> today the attention turns on the investigation. attorney general eric holder will be in ferguson to meet with community leaders. he calls for the end to the violence. he adds, quote, the investigation will be full, fair and independent. and beyond the investigation itself, we will work with the
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police, civil rights leaders and the members of the public to give rise to new understanding and bridge the gaps between law enforcement officials and the communities we serve, end quote. also today, a grand jury will convene to hear evidence of the shooting. governor james knicksnixon is n listening to calls to have the attorney step down. a fund for wilson has raised $56,000, that's doubled in one day. jay, a much different scene there overnight. >> reporter: good morning, richard. today, as you described, could be one of the most pivotal since michael brown was shot and killed here. the grand jury will get evidence in the case. attorney general eric holder will be here as the civil rights investigation continues. and it comes as one of the most peaceful nights in more than a week. >> we shall overcome.
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we will be all right. >> there was a major and much-needed shift on the streets of ferguson overnight. >> don't shoot! >> hands up! >> reporter: protesters still marched. and there were a few tense moments and dozens of arrests. >> at about midnight, bottles were thrown at police officers near a business. police did deploy their helmet shields for protection and break into the crowd and search for the agitators. >> reporter: officers in riot gear did line the streets, but for the most part, this community policed itself. >> this has been a beautiful night. >> yes, sir. >> give yourself a round of applause. i can't hear you. >> reporter: attorney general eric holder plans to speak with community leaders, federal agents and prosecutors when he visits ferguson later this morning. he's promised the full resources of his office during a, quote,
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fair, and independent civil rights investigation here. the local criminal investigation is moving forward as well. the st. louis grand jury will begin to hear evidence today. the prosecutor's office confirmed that darren wilson has been interviewed and will have the chance to testify before the grand jury at some point during the process. >> justice. >> when do we need it? >> now. >> reporter: a process this community and much of the country is watching very closely right now. and we know that reverend al sharpton will deliver the eulogy at the funeral now set for monday for michael brown. richard, back to you. >> thank you so much. amid the tensions, there is a nationwide push by community leaders and police departments for body-worn cameras for officers. the theory is they make officer and civilians accountable during
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arrests and confrontations. according to the wall street journal, use of force declined 60%, and citizen complaints against police fell 88%. only a handful of police departments use them because they are expensive, costing 3 to $400 per camera and the cost of managing the data. a suspect on the run in northern california, chased by authorities, loses control, clips another car, plows into an outdoor cafe, leaving a man pinned to the wall. the suspect tried to run off, but he was grabbed by people nearby. the guy that was hurt is expected to be okay. fire fighters now have the upper hand, the junction fire is just 15 miles from yosemite national park. 13,000 were told to leave, some are being allowed back. and revised damage estimates are downgraded. it's only 30% contained.
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after a drought year, it's just one of several california fires. the als ice bucket challenge continues to sweep the nation. derek jeter taking the plunge with a special tribute. >> i have to acknowledge a couple captains, one, lou geh g gehrig, the disease is named after. and pete freight, the inspiration behind this. >> c.c. sabathia and tanaka did it. he nominated his girlfriend, davis, actor kevin conley and others as well. and illinois continues their run, beating texas 6-1. >> the baseball role model is cool. being a girl is great. >> she is the buzz of the little league world series. philadelphia pitcher monet
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davis, becoming the first little leaguer ever, male or female, to hit the cover of "sports illustrated." she became the first girl to throw a shut out in little league world series as well. she's scheduled to take the mound tonight against las vegas. and johnny manziel flipping the bird on monday night's preseason game. sparking harsh comments. boomer saying this, you're going to get wrecked, son. and joe theseman, should be johnny grow up, not throwing hand signals. not a pro. the 21-year-old has issues at this moment. what do you think? >> he should have done it verbally like everyone else, not a gesture. >> it's called national tv. >> they deep you out, but not for doing that. the stuff in arizona, the pictures at the top of the show,
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the water rescues. not what you associate with arizona. pretty incredible stuff yesterday. a lot of rain in a short period of time. and a lot of moisture. can happen, not that often. phoenix, half an inch of rain. through the year, they only get 3 inches. that's how big a deal it was. estimates of over three and a half inches of rain. a lot of humidity from kansas to texas to florida. it is a hot, humid afternoon. the humidity is back. 100 to 110 easily the hottest temperatures of the summer. not just today, this is going to last all the way out into the upcoming weekend. look at memphis, tennessee, near a hundred all week. so, richard, the heat and the humidity, we got that in place, so summer's returned. maybe the tropics too next week. >> that weather in arizona, befudd
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befuddling. thank you. it's creepy, who's keeping tabs on you even after you're dead. plus homes in italy selling for just $2? there is a catch. if energy could come from anything?. or if power could go anywhere? or if light could seek out the dark? what would happen if that happens? anything.
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. well, stocks rebound on tuesday, the dow gaining 80 pounds. this morning, billionaire michael bloomberg's charitable foundation is putting $45 million into innovation grants, helping cities solve problems on the local level. for about 2 bucks, yeah, $2, you can buy a fixer upper on the italian island of sicily. the reason? so many people moved away that the place needs a major renovation. and buyers now, if you get one of those, you have to guarantee a major renovation within five years. but historic stuff. the nfl is asking potential halftime acts to pay for the privilege of performing at the world's most-watched television event. among the acts being considered,
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cold play, rihanna and katy perry. and the middle east, matching missile for missile. israel launching fresh air strikes into gaza this morning. three dead, including the wife and child of the hamas military chief. tuesday, 29 rockets in 20 minutes fired into israel. resumption of a ten day truce looks difficult at the moment. ten people dead and 22 missing after heavy rain led to several landslides in here row she ma, japan. and more landslides could happen today. behave, the fbi is keeping tabs on 77 million people. that is one out of every three americans. on file, felonies and misdemeanors and they hold the data for 110 years. that's not ice in your beer, that's glass.
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bottles of crorona being recalled. so far no reports of injuries. and microsoft engineers figured out how people in wheelchairs can get around with just their eyes. the wheelchair can safely maneuver where they look. an ice cream cone for one governor and taking a governor to task. scrambled politics is next. each year, 95% of homeowners won't have a claim.
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but if you do... [ glass breaking, dog barking ] ...with allstate, your rates won't go up just because of it. claim rateguard from allstate. your home protects you, protect it back. all right. now here is your first look at
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scrambled politics. it's the mug shot politicos have been waiting all week to see. governor rick perry turned himself into authorities yesterday on two felony counts of abuse of power. after vesur vendering, he vowedo fight this with every fiber of his being. he then went for a sweet treat, ice cream, following his mug shot. and today the nra is unveiling a series of ads aimed at michael bloomberg. this ad is meant to discredit the billionaire and gun control activist. and former alaska attorney general dan sullivan has won the senate gop primary. it's the last contested gop primary of the midterm. he will face mark begatch in november. kelly ayotte is among the
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growing number of congress members doing that. but now a congressional committee telling lawmakers they can only post these videos to their personal and campaign accounts. posting on congressional accounts violates ethics rules. can vin dee sell ease relations between the u.s. and russia? challenging vladimir putin to take the ice bucket challenge. he does horse back riding and hunting sans shirt. no word on whether he will take it. that's the dish of scrambled politics. and on the phone with linn sweet. let's talk about what's happening in ferguson. we were watching the live news overnight. and we now know, of course, that eric holder will be arriving today, as we have been talking about for the last several days. the president not going.
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why can he not go to ferguson? >> well, it would be disruptive. it would be -- there's no end to the critics of obama who say you should do this, you should do that. eric holder's a good choice to move the administration's effort for calm. and security issues. but more important, it wouldn't necessarily be the right thing for obama to do when things are so heated right now. >> when you look at the attorney general eric holder, i was reading a headline in politico, it is his biggest challenge. and so much at stake, perhaps, here, in what the outcome might be as we look forwartowards the of michael brown. >> well, this is personal for eric holder. he's taken a very high profile on this. it seems like he's been chomping at the bit to be allowed to leave washington to take charge here. it is risky in that the first thing that happened, richard, of course, is that the chaos has
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got to stop. and that's, you know, for both parties. >> and it seemed like overnight we were seeing a little bit of that subside. i was watching the press briefing, as you might have, captain ron johnson coming to the microphone, he got home last night, his wife gave him a dirty look saying you didn't wear a bullet-proof vest out there. watching the news coverage. he said, well, that sends a message. one can only wonder what office he might take here. >> well, he's turned out to be the person who's emerged from this very sad story. you know, sometimes these news events do spawn new penalties in the news. he's charismatic. he talked about his son's saggy pants and tattoos in a very empathetic way. but still capable of putting on a show of force and showing he's law enforcement. and he is emerging as a very
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interesting figure. yes, and, of course, folks like you and me immediately think what office is he going to run for next. >> a lot of people watching him as well as the story. thanks so much, linn sweet, appreciate your time. >> thank you. first buzz ahead. and why solar panels are hazardous to bird's health. that's why i'm so excited about these new milk-bone brushing chews. whoa, i'm not the only one. it's a brilliant new way to take care of his teeth. clinically proven as effective as brushing. ok, here you go. have you ever seen a dog brush his own teeth? the twist and nub design cleans all the way down to the gum line, even reaching the back teeth. they taste like a treat, but they clean like a toothbrush. nothing says you care like a milk-bone brushing chew. [ barks ] nothing says you care like a milk-bone brushing chew. nobody ever stomped their foot and asked for less. there's a reason it's called an "all you can eat" buffet... and not a "have just a little" buffet. because what we all really want is more.
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leading the news in the guardian, italian fighter jet crash causes woodland fires after a midair collision. they were on a training mission, narrowly missing a village in italy, four you members missing.
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and birds igniting in midair in california. a solar electric generating plant that uses 300,000 mirrors is scorching one bird to death every two minutes. experts saying that 28,000 birds will die within a year. we could talk about that. first buzz, though. >> weird story. >> it's like a magnifying glass. >> makes sense. first buzz, start with this young lady, mo'ne davis. amazing girl. an eighth grader, 5'4". she has a 70 mile an hour fast ball, great curve ball. she started playing baseball at the age of 7. >> must watch. >> and how she was found? throwing around a football. perfect spiral. what do you have? >> yeah, that's going to be the biggest thing of the night tonight, that game. want a laugh and giggle, dumb men drinking, putting their
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smallish-size buddy in an infant high chair seat. this goes on for about six minutes. >> is he stuck? >> yes. >> some people have been there more than others. >> you have done this. >> i'm richard lui with bill, this is first look, way too early starts right now. when i got home last night at 3:30 in the morning, my wife was up. the lights were on. and when i walked through the door, i knew that i was in trouble. she didn't say hi, she said why didn't you have your vest on? and when i left today, and i got here, the first text that i had on my phone is, you promised. and a promise means that i am going to come home. >> captain johnson getting personal there after overall a calmer night in ferguson as attorney general eric holder heads to that suburb. and formal plans for michael brown's funeral now announced. so the camera captures
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texas-sized confidence and charisma in perry's mug shot. how they are responding to the image and the plan to fight on. and get ready for an emmy show promo breaking bad with a trifecta of talent. what does it have to do with a pawnshop? this is "way too early." >> and purchasing this. ♪ that's right. you did not see that one. you did not see what she was trying to do there. i'm thomas roberts, wednesday, august 20th, welcome to way too early. we said pawnshop. we are going to show you that little promo coming up in a moment. the emmys on abc next monday. begin in ferguson, missouri. this is where attorney general eric holder will be 11 days after the deadly


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